Community Plan

(courtesy of the County of San Diego website)

The Valley Center Community Plan Area is comprised of approximately 94 square miles in the unincorporated area of northern San Diego County. The boundaries of the Valley Center Community Plan Area are contiguous to the Fallbrook and Bonsall Community Plan Areas as well as the Pala-Pauma Subregioinal and North County Metropolitan Subregional Planning Areas located to the northeast and southeast, respectively. The primary access in to the community of Valley Center is via Valley Center Road (S-6), which serves as the main linkage between the city of Escondido and Valley Center. Interstate 15 borders the western portion of the Plan Area; however, the freeway does not lie within its boundaries.

The Valley Center Community Plan Area is characterized by its unique topographic features, its agricultural activities and its predominance of estate residential development. The rural character of the community results from the low population density and the prevalence of large areas of open space provided by agriculture.

– Valley Center Community Plan,
San Diego County General Plan

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