Donate to the
Valley Center History Museum

All donations are greatly needed and appreciated!

Donations can be made online or mailed to:
Valley Center History Museum
PO BOX 2665
Valley Center, CA 92082

We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation.

Contact us if you would like to setup
recurring monthly or annual payments



The museum has annual expenses of approximately $10,000. These expenses include rent, insurance, utilities, security, P.O. Box, office supplies, repairs, and exhibit materials. There are no salaried employees. To date, periodic contributions have allowed us to meet these expenses, but to insure permanency, it is essential that an endowment fund be established.


The Guardian Endowment Fund has been established to secure the future of the Valley Center History Museum by providing a predictable and permanent source of funding year after year. All returns from the fund will be used to underwrite operational costs, with the principal never touched. Invested wisely, the Guardian Fund will provide for immediate expenses and be an effective hedge against rising costs.

Your gift of any amount is welcome!

We are seeking Guardians who can make donations as follows:

Pioneer $50,000
Frontiersman $25,000
Homesteader $10,000
Rancher $5,000
Westerner $500
Other ways in which you might help:


A bequest makes a permanent statement about your values, showing the world what you cared about and what you stood for. Bequests also offer practical benefits such as potential tax savings and the ability to retain full control of the gift during your lifetime.

Retirement Plans

Have the Valley Center History Museum be added as a beneficiary of a tax-free gift that would occur during your lifetime. Current charitable gifts from retirement plans are now permitted due to a recent law change.

Stocks & Bonds

Securities may be given as an outright gift without owing any capital gains tax. Securities can be used to create a gift that will return you an income and tax benefits. Securities may also be given as a bequest.

Life Insurance

You may designate an existing policy to benefit the Valley Center History Museum. Purchasing a policy and naming The Museum as the beneficiary may offer some tax deductible benefits on premium payments.

Real Estate / Estate Plan

You may make a gift of your home or vacation property, live there the rest of your life and get a tax deduction. Or leaving ones home in their estate plan for The Museum is a great gift that will pass without taxes.

The Valley Center History Museum would be glad
to provide further information to review with your advisor.

Guardian recognition

The Museum will be pleased to recognize Guardians in these ways:

  • Private Reception
  • You will be invited to the museum for a private reception at which time a special donor plaque will be unveiled. This will be followed by a history tour of Valley Center guided by one of the Museum’s historians.
  • Naming Opportunities
  • You will be invited to personalize your gift by naming your endowment after yourself or a family member. An exhibit in the Museum may be sponsored by a Guardian.

100% of your gift will be applied directly to protecting the Museum’s future.

The Valley Center History Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your gift is tax deductible. 

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Gift ideas

  • Memorialize a family member or loved one who has touched your life.
  • Commemorate a special time in your life or the lives of your family and friends, including birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, Mother’s or Father’s Day.
  • Honor a caregiver who has made a difference: a physician, nurse, caregiver or volunteer.
  • Whether you make your tribute gift by phone, mail or online, we will send a card announcing your gift to whomever you wish.
  • The amount of your gift will not be indicated.